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Architecture In the Strand Historic District Of Galveston

Clara Lang Building, located at 2109 Strand in Galveston, Texas USA. Architecture in the Strand Historic District. Photo ©Jeff Kauffman, All Rights Reserved.

Introduction to Architecture In The Strand Historic District A fascinating aspect of Galveston, Texas is the commercial architecture in the Strand Historic District. For much of the 19th century, Galveston was a bustling hub of commerce as a port city on the Gulf of Mexico. The thriving businesses required impressive structures to house their wares …

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Exploring vivid colors on the streets of Havana, Cuba

Geoff Scott Photography. Around Havana, Cuba 2016

Photography and text by Geoff Scott. In March 2016, travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens had eased after decades of restrictions. I was fortunate to go on a photography trip arranged by the School of Visual Arts with other photographers – professionals, professors, students, and amateurs. The mix of people was perfect to explore this previously hard-to-see place. As I had been hoping, the colors of Cuba further opened my artistic eyes to using color in my photography.

The visual rhythms of utilities

Metering #0005, electrical installation photograph by Jeff Kauffman

Photographs and Text by Jeff Kauffman. Arrays of electric and gas fixtures often provide unique geometric shapes and visual rhythms. In the back alleys and side streets of commercial areas, you will find these creations adorning the walls of the buildings

Kite flying on the Texas coast

Showable Art - Kite flying in Port Aransas, Texas

Photography and Text by Jeff Kauffman. The stiff offshore breeze from the Gulf of Mexico makes kite flying a popular pastime along the coast of Texas. The colors first caught my eye, and then the flow of the long tails captured my interest. The continuous rising and falling, twisting and turning made for fun compositions

Pleasure Pier is candy for the eyes

Galveston Pleasure Pier in B&W #131129A0312. Photograph by Jeff Kauffman.

Photography and text by Jeff Kauffman. The billboards along Interstate 45 approaching Galveston were intriguing. My imagination was working up some very colorful expectations. Those expectations were not met, of course, as Pleasure Pier is a family amusement pier jutting into the Gulf of Mexico

Frenzied Oaks whip violently in the powerful winter wind

Live Oak treetops whip in the wind. Photograph by Jeff Kauffman (141129A0014).

Photography and Text by Jeff Kauffman. When the winter winds come to Texas, the tops of the Live Oak trees whip violently while their decades-old, often centuries-old, trunks remain motionless. Unlike oak trees native to other parts of North America, Live Oaks are evergreen and have twisted, craggy limbs shooting off in all directions. They are sculptural in an abstract sense.

A Matchbox Car Collection Becomes Art

Showable Art - Mercury White Police car Matchbox Series No. 55/73

Photography and Text by Jeff Kauffman. Until the early 1970s, Janet worked most of her adult life at a corner store in a rural Pennsylvania town. As each new toy reached the store, Janet purchased it for her growing collection. “They might be worth something someday”, she would say.