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Showable Art has compiled this list of art education resources for its readers.

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38 Websites to Submit your Photos, Illustrations, or Art is a list from Format Magazine of places where you can submit work to be considered for publication. Seeing your work published in a prominent publication is always a thrill.

CreativeLive is an extensive online training platform offering quality courses taught by prominent artists working today. Topics range from design to self-help to business management. Courses can be purchased in bundles or one at a time. Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, both accomplished photographers, founded Creative Live in 2010 as an online platform to connect industry leaders and creative professionals.

KelbyOne is the authoritative online training source for all things regarding Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography. They also offer classes in design and video. KelbyOne is an educational membership community.

Los Angeles Center of Photography’s (LACP), is strengthening the importance of photography as an art form through classes, events, exhibitions, and other public programs.

MasterClass streams video lessons taught by the best in business leadership, photography, design, entertainment, and more. They offer annual memberships giving you unlimited access to over 100 instructors.

Santa Fe Workshops is the leading experiential photographic workshop and writers lab in the U.S. Immerse yourself for one week in the creative process. You will learn new skills, and your instructors and classmates will become integral to your professional network.

Verosky Tutorials is an engaging collection of photography guides, tutorials, and equipment reviews produced by Ed Verosky of Austin Texas. Ed also hosts an informative YouTube channel called “Ed Verosky Photography and Other Adventures”.

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