Be Seen – Submit a Story to Showable Art

Do you have artwork for which you’d like to expand your audience? Submit a story to Showable Art Magazine — we welcome submissions of creative “showable” artwork. The online magazine is open to all visual genres, styles, and artistic media, except pornographic material and artworks depicting unlawful acts. The work will be shown as a collection of images accompanied by an introductory article. Please browse the articles on this site to see recent examples of content.

Submissions are by invitation. Conveniently, there are two ways to be invited:

  • You pitch a story idea. Send your pitch via email. In your pitch, be sure to include photos of your artwork as a website link or low res small attachments (jpg, 300px long side). We will consider your material and get back to you promptly.
  • We see your work somewhere and contact you.

If you’ve received an invitation, see the Contributor Guide for instructions on how to prepare your material for publication.