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Art Stories is the main blog page of all art stories published on Showable Art. Each art story contains a narrative around the artwork, notes from the artist about the series, and the artist’s bio. Some articles contain links to advertisers.

Metering #0005, electrical installation photograph by Jeff Kauffman

The Visual Rhythms of Utilities

Photographs and Text by Jeff Kauffman. Arrays of electric and gas fixtures often provide unique geometric shapes and visual rhythms. In the back alleys …
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Showable Art - Kite flying in Port Aransas, Texas

Kite flying on the Texas Coast

Photography and Text by Jeff Kauffman. The stiff offshore breeze from the Gulf of Mexico makes kite flying a popular pastime along the coast …
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Galveston Pleasure Pier in B&W #131129A0312. Photograph by Jeff Kauffman.

Pleasure Pier is candy for the eyes

Photography and text by Jeff Kauffman. The billboards along Interstate 45 approaching Galveston were intriguing. My imagination was working up some very colorful expectations. Those …
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