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Thank you for your interest in Showable Art Magazine. Showable Art is an exhibition, information, and promotional site for art and an art-centric lifestyle. As such, the site is not selling on your behalf or acting as your agent in any way, other than to say your work or services “can be purchased at…” when applicable. There is no cost to you, and we do not offer any cash payment to you for inclusion on the site. Your work will be exhibited alongside other accomplished artists. You will receive credited visibility to readers.

As with other print and online magazines, Showable Art is supported by advertising. Please review the Advertising Disclosure for more information regarding advertising on this site.

When you contribute images and other original material to Showable Art, you are granting the publisher a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual limited license to use the material for the purpose it was submitted. This purpose includes the public presentation of editorial content, promotion of your project, promotion of you as an artist, and the general promotion of Showable Art Magazine in news media, websites, exhibitions, and social media platforms. The publisher will give artist credit(s) and author credit(s) on all contributed material. You may revoke the publisher’s right to use your material at any time by contacting the editor. The publisher reserves the right to cease publication of Showable Art Magazine at any time without prior notice to contributors.

Editorial decisions reside solely with the editor of Showable Art. This includes whether and when the material gets published, the layout and presentation, text editing, and any other decisions necessary for the material to fit the style and esthetic of the publication.



  • Prepare 4-8 images as high-quality jpg, sRGB color space, 1200px on the long side. The collection of images should be visually cohesive to support the article.
  • If you use watermarks on your images, be careful to place them away from the edges of the images. The website will crop and resize images to fit the layout, creating the potential for unattractive, partially cropped watermarks. Your work always will be credited in a caption.
  • Do not include hairline borders around your images. The layout adds borders automatically.
  • Name the files as LastName_n.jpg, where LastName is your last name, and n is a number (1, 2, 3, etc) to number the images uniquely in your series. Example file names are Smith_Elephants-Running_1.jpg, Smith_Elephants-Running_2.jpg, etc.


The basic outline of the article has three topics:

  • The Story. The story introduces the images and ties the work together, allowing the viewer to establish a connection with your work. The story can be creative and fictional, or it can be a making-of or what-inspired-this type of story. Regardless, casual online readers are more likely to engage with a personal light-hearted story than a formal artist statement filled with “art speak”. A word count of 100-300 words is perfect, but a few sentences, or even longer articles, is fine too. If appropriate to the work, you can also list credits to models, MUAs, stylists, or other members of your creative team.
  • Artist’s Notes. This is where you can share any technical details about the project or any challenges you encountered. Materials, behind-the-scenes, equipment, fun facts, and lessons learned are all interesting details. This section is optional, though other artists enjoy reading about your creative experiences. You can mention specific products and brands, just be sure to keep it factual.
  • The Artist. A short bio stating where you are from and what you do. Mention where someone can buy or see your art, your books, or other items bearing your art. Be sure to include a link to your own website so readers can learn more about you. And feel free to be creative!

If you aren’t comfortable writing an article yourself, we can write the article for you from your rough notes or a phone interview.


  • Prepare an email to ShowableArt Magazine
  • Include the images as file attachments.
  • In the body of the email, paste or type your article, technical notes, and your bio information.
  • Send the email.


Complete this release form below by checking the boxes and clicking Send. This release gives Top Light Media LLC permission to use your work in Showable Art. 

Example: Six photographs of kites against a blue sky with accompanying article. Artist bio included.
(Model or Property Release is required only if the images contain a recognizable likeness of a person, private property, or feature the artwork of other artists. Otherwise, leave this unchecked.)

Be impressed with yourself

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