Artistry and the Luxury Pen

Montblank StarWalker pen. Photo by Omar Al-Ghosson on Unsplash

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Does your luxury pen convey your discerning taste in the arts? Does it get people talking? There are dozens of brands in the luxury pen market and all of them are superb writing instruments. Fortunately, some of these brands go a step beyond excellent writing precision, adding a level of artistry guaranteed to start a conversation.  

In this article, we’ll introduce a collection of art-inspired luxury pens from the venerable Montblanc brand. Beyond Montblanc’s popular Meisterstuck and StarWalker designs, you will find the Great Characters Collection featuring pens inspired by the achievements of musicians, entertainers, athletes, and statesmen. 

Enzo Ferrari, the legendary racing champion

The pens in the Enzo Ferrari Collection incorporate the sleek design elements of the Ferrari automotive designs, including the fiery red body and silver accents. Of course, the iconic prancing horse is engraved on the cap of the pen with the Italian phrase “Le Porterà Fortuna”, meaning “it will bring you good luck”. 

The Beatles, the most famous rock band

The Beatles Special Edition pen features colorful stripes on the cap and barrel representing the costumes John, Paul, George, and Ringo wore on the album cover of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Plus, the design detail on the cone suggests the button of the mixing console at Abbey Road studio.

Elvis Presley, the King of rock-n-roll

Elvis is considered one of the most influential entertainers and icons of pop culture in the 20th century. The Elvis Presley Collection is inspired by the shape of a car engine’s spark plug, an homage to Elvis’s obsession with the powerful Cadillac engines of the time. Equally, the gold accents and other metallic details recall Elvis’s costumes from his famous concerts.

Walt Disney, synonymous with the art of film animation

The overall look of the Walt Disney Collection is striking silver and black. The Limited Edition pen’s cap features the multi-plane camera which Disney made popular in filmmaking. Engraved on the platinum cone is the date of Snow White’s world premiere. And, on the nib of the fountain pen, there is Mickey Mouse! The Special Edition pen incorporates other interesting artistic details commemorating significant events of Disney’s career.

John F. Kennedy, former US President

The Special Edition John F. Kennedy, with its statesman-like appearance, employs subtle details to honor the life of former US President John F. Kennedy. His initials “JFK” are on the clip, and three rings on the cap represent his brothers. An engraving commemorating the 1969 Apollo moon landing appears on the gold nib. The edition comes in two stately colors: navy blue and burgundy, each with its own significance to periods of Kennedy’s life.

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